Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Blog!

I made a resolution this New Year's Day to focus more on the positive. I've tried, and Lord knows it's helped me get through what would otherwise be a frustrating and very difficult time. The bullshit stream is just as constant and powerful as ever, and the smell is getting worse and worse, and sometimes I wonder if this just isn't a war of attrition. I've seen quite a few fellow bloggers kind of fall by the wayside lately, I think they just shrugged their shoulders and decided, "that's it. I've had my say. No one's doing anything about it anyway."

But really, that's not true. I've seen a genuine awakening amongst the general public lately that it'd be easy to overlook if all you did was run around trying to plug up leaks in the dyke that's seemingly holding back a torrent of chaos. You can exhaust yourself that way. But don't lose sight of the bigger picture! That's just what the bad guys want you to do!

I used to think Twitter was a cesspool for mindless chatter about crap that doesn't matter. Now I see that it's more like the Internet in that, yeah, most people operate at a lower vibration than I'm comfortable with, so that's what the bulk of the content is going to be -- porn and stupidity. But unlike Facebook, which seems to have almost been written by the CIA, I'm starting to think that Twitter can be used as a powerful tool for social good. For one thing, I found there are a bunch of kids out there that haven't lost sight of what should be common sense for everybody. People don't turn into murderous terrorists overnight. Jahar Tsarnaiv had a twitter account, and it's pretty obvious browsing through it that this guy didn't have the mind of a dangerously obsessed, murderous terrorist. He was a friendly, laid-back college kid with a good sense of humor. Plus ... I'll admit if I were 14 and I could buy one I'd probably have a poster of him hanging in my room. Or at least my locker.

So now there's an army of young ladies who would otherwise be obsessed over stupid crap that won't matter in five years who have had their eyes opened to the fact that, hey, authority has been lying to them. Anderson Cooper doesn't always tell the truth. Something's really wrong ...

I've been involved in 9-11 truth for a long time. This is one demographic you hardly ever see in the wonkish truth movement. It's really, really cool to see a fresh, new energy of politically awakened people.

So anyway, there's that ... plus I've got a mystical side that doesn't really mesh with my political blog, in many ways I'm too "woo-woo" to be the most credible political commentator, and I know it. I strongly believe in higher dimensions, and that world consciousness is moving closer in that direction by the day. But if you're slightly ahead of the curve, you're going to look like a flake, even though the news on that side is infinitely less depressing. So this is my solution ... I'll just start a new blog where I can indulge in happier musings and still have my "keepin' it real" political blog meant specifically for exposing the ("ugly") truth. Actually, the real Truth is beautiful, but you have to pass through a mucky, thorny, shitstream to get there. Hope to see you on the other side! :)